Saturday, September 11, 2010


Last Saturday we were bored and decided to get the kids all color-coordinated and do a mini photoshoot. It didn't turn out as planned, of course. With two babies, it usually doesn't huh! Poor little Heath fell out of his chair in the first picture and was not happy from that point on. Audrey was happy, but totally uncooperative. We did manage to get a few cute ones though. At least we can always count on Hope and Sunnie to pose like pros.

A Family Heirloom

This is the gown Audrey wore for her Dedication. My mother made the gown years ago for my niece and Audrey was able to wear it. It's absolutely precious! Hopefully there will be lots of other little girls down the line in our family who will also be dedicated in it. I hung it up in her room to get a good picture, but it looked so sweet, I've decided to keep it there for awhile before it goes back into mom's cedar chest.

Our Evenings

Audrey loves to play outside, it's just about her favorite thing to do. She loves to play in her baby pool and in her Dora car. Most evenings, we end up playing in the yard until the mosquitos chase us off. Here are a few pictures of Audrey on a typical summer evening for the Arie household.