Sunday, April 18, 2010

Check Out the Curls!

I don't know why I'm surprised Audrey has such curly hair. It could have come from either side of the family because there are some beautiful curls on both, but somehow I never expected Audrey to end up with curls. I sure do love it though! But then again, I love every little thing about her....

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This Easter was fun for Audrey. Last year she was too young to participate in any of the really fun stuff like Easter egg hunts and of course, eating lots of chocolate candy, but she made up for it big time this year! We went to early Church and then had lunch and Easter Egg Hunt #1 at our house. After that we headed out to Wolf Hill for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my Grandma's house. Audrey had lots of fun playing with her cousins all day and eating way too much candy. Hope practiced Easter egg hunting with Audrey every day for about a week before, and she must be one good little teacher, because Audrey looked like a pro. Although it was really tough weekend for my family, still reeling from the tragic loss of my brother-in-law, Wade, everyone did their best to make sure things were as normal as possible for the kids. Family is just so very important and I am so thankful Audrey has such a wonderful one. Please keep my sister and nephews in your prayers during this difficult time.