Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Part I

Audrey's first Halloween started a day early. Bonham always has "Halloween on the Square" and it was on Friday this year. So, we will be having two first Halloweens! We met my family up town so we could walk the square with Sunnie and Hope while they trick-or-treated. I know I am probably a little bit biased, but I am pretty sure Audrey was the cutest baby around! And Sunnie and Hope were definitely the cutest Wonder Woman and Lady Bug I've ever seen. Audrey's little leopard kitty costume is too cute! She likes the costume and laughs when she sees herself in the mirror, but she didn't really want to cooperate for Jeff and I to draw on her nose and whiskers, so maybe we'll do that tomorrow while she's napping! By the end of the evening, Audrey was pretty tuckered out. She fell asleep as soon as we put her in her car seat. What a sweet sleeping kitty!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Pictures

Nap Time

Nothing better than Sunday afternoon naps...

My Little Helper

Audrey loves to "help" me with the laundry. She thinks it is so much fun to get all the clothes out of the basket. She has so much fun, that I just put them back and let her take them all out again.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nine Month Check-Up

Last week, Audrey her her nine month well check with the pediatrician. She was cute as could be as usual, smiling and charming everyone in the office. Until.....the doctor came in. When he took her from me, she started some really dramatic screaming, but no tears. Doctor says his diagnosis is that she is a true drama queen! We were kind of beginning to think that ourselves. Once he handed her back to me, she gave him a big smile and was happy until the nurse came in with her flu shot. That was no fun, but it was over quickly. I can't stand seeing her get shots!
Audrey's stats at 9 months and 3 days old were:
21 lbs 11 oz & 27 inches long
She's grown a lot in length from her last doctor visit.